Milan Kundera

" Se souvenir de son passé, le porter toujours avec soi, c'est peut-être la condition nécessaire pour conserver, comme on dit, l'intégrité de son moi ".

Deutéronome Ch.4 Verset 9

Deutéronome Ch.4 Verset 9

Blue Secrets...

For my visitors who speak English.
Here translation of my first text "blue secrets". You're welcome.
Emotions of Childhood regained…

I was born on this land bathed by the Mediterranean Sea which I left when I was only a child but which never left me.

During those years of exile, I lived as if amputated from a part of me, of my story.
A long interior development allowed me to regain my roots and to meet with painting.

As the artist who seeks, I sought. And suddenly, I knew. I would paint my Tunisia. A first canvas was born: “Blue Secrets”.

A pressing voyage took me back to my native town where each place would become
familiar and revive my memory.

Eyes dazzled by sun, the little girl would remember and cry…

To paint my country is my way of expressing this link so incredibly strong which unites
me to this earth.

It is the respect of forms, of reality, that I live my painting, and in the desire to share my
emotions, each time more intense…

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Massir a dit…

Est-ce que tu as reçu mon mail de ce matin???

Michelle - Artiste Peintre a dit…

Oui, merci. Je vais venir vous rejoindre.

Jacques a dit…

Je te dirai les mots bleus
Les mots qu'on dit avec les yeux.
Les secrets bleus sont ceux qu'on lit avec les yeux